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Yvon Hajunga
Kunst als innerlijke drang
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Palace Musifr alKhana (painter unknown)

yvon hajunga, beeldend kunstenaar
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Once I lived in a room in the Palace Musifr alKhana in the Khan el Khalil, a crowded neighbourhoud in Cairo. What  I loved the most were the  beautiful Masrabba windows in my room which I shared with other young daughters of the Pasha. I could look down on the courtyard and saw the people, the servants and the quest going out and the new salesman and their wifes and donkeys and servents who were entering the big door in the wall.

The Bawab -doorman- family and the clerks went back and forth with merchandise for the evening dinner because I was living in a Khan. A Khan is a hostel for travelers.
The travelers with their goods and merchandise came from all directions, from several countries . The merchants were bringing beautiful materials and jewelry for the rich people who could afford them. These visitors were looking different. They were interesting and talking in different languages. The servants and donkeys found a place under in the house where they could bath and rest. The voices were melodic accompanied by the sound of falling water from the fountain in the courtyard.

The Khan was a guest house and we the women and daughters of the Pasha, living on the third floor could run around through the small corridors with steps up and down to several rooms and looking and chatting about the foreigners.
In my room, on waist level in the wall, there was a small door. Because of the rich wallpaper you almost didn’t took your attantion. When I opened it I could imagine that one of the strangers who were staying with us for the night would come up, like the Pasha sometimes did. The quest and me would hiding in the narrow place which had an L form, and nobody could see us. The ceiling of my secret place was painted with bautiful romantic roses.
The stranger would kiss and cuddle me secretly and he would give me perfume of an excellent erotic smell.

 In the bathroom were the light came from different colors of glass I made my bath to be ready. For the dinner we would have later I wanted to make myself as beautiful as possible.
I imagine myself allready in that small corridor and felt excited.
In the summer part of the Khan was a cool wind coming from the wind towers on the roof that went along the cupboards to keep the food cool. After my bath I dressed and I took some chocolate from the shelf of the cupboard and waited.

All the women of the Pasha were excited and they were waiting for the moment they would call us. We went to the dinner room on the ground floor and had dinner with the wife’s of some of the quests. The dining room which is rich decorated has high windows to the ceiling and it was full of candles. We were sitting around a small fountain in the room until late that night. Everybody was talking and laughing and all the quest were looking very happy.

Short story by Yvon Hajunga.

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yvon hajunga, beeldend kunstenaar
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